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Product Updates

Jun 28 2024

Introducing the New Rescheduling Feature on

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new feature on the app designed to give you more flexibility and control over your therapy appointments. With our new rescheduling feature, you can easily adjust your session times to fit your changing schedule.

How It Works:

Rescheduling Appointments:

  • Within 6 Hours of Appointment Start Time: If you need to reschedule your appointment within 6 hours of the start time, a rescheduling fee of ₦1,000 will apply.
  • More Than 6 Hours Before Appointment Start Time: For rescheduling more than 6 hours before the appointment, a fee of ₦500 will apply.

Rescheduling Missed Sessions:

  • If you miss a session, you have the option to reschedule it within 48 hours of the session end time.
  • Rescheduling a missed session will cost 20% of the original booking fee if you reschedule within 48 hours of the session’s completion time. Rescheduling a session that has been missed for more than 48 hours attracts a 40% fee.

Why Use the Rescheduling Feature?

  1. Flexibility: Life can be unpredictable, and we understand that sometimes you need to adjust your plans. This feature allows you to reschedule your sessions easily without losing your booking.
  2. Convenience: Manage your appointments directly through the app without needing to contact customer support.
  3. Fairness: The rescheduling fees are designed to ensure fair use of the feature and respect for therapists’ time.

How to Use the Rescheduling Feature:

  1. Open the App: Log in to your account.
  2. Go to Your Appointments: Navigate to the ‘Appointments’ section in the app.
  3. Select Reschedule: Choose the appointment you wish to reschedule and select the ‘Reschedule’ option.
  4. Choose a New Time: Pick a new available time slot that works for you.
  5. Confirm and Pay: Confirm the reschedule and pay the applicable fee.

Important Note:

  • The rescheduling feature is only available within the app. Make sure you have the latest version installed to access this feature.

We hope this new feature will make managing your therapy sessions more convenient and stress-free. Your mental health is our priority, and we are constantly working to enhance your experience with

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