This Privacy Policy describes our procedures and policies on the collection, use and disclosure of  Users’ data. It seeks to keep Users informed on the details of the use, processing and sharing of  their personal information. The Policy tells Users about their privacy rights and how the law  protects them. The Privacy Policy contains the option open to Users in respect to their data  collected. The data collected help us fulfill our duty in monitoring and protecting the safety of  our services in clinical development to ensure the safety and quality of all our Users. 

By using and accessing our Application, submitting and requesting information on our Platform,  you are deemed to have agreed to and understood the terms of this Privacy Policy. You are  hereby treated as having given your full consent for the processing of information as regards the  provisions of this Policy. 

It should be noted that ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘the company’ refers to Mental  Healthcare Solutions Limited and ‘you’, your’ refers to the User (Patients and Therapists) of our  services. 

We understand that health is a very crucial and sensitive issue, we therefore, respect your privacy  as Users of our Application. We are committed to taking logical steps to protecting the sensitive  personal information and data of our Users by complying with all contractual and regulatory  obligations in respect of data privacy. 

Kindly, be informed that this Privacy Policy may be changed or modified periodically, as  determined by the laws and other contingency factors. We therefore, encourage you to read  through the updated versions thoroughly before submitting any information. 


We obtain data through the following: 

  1. Data the users submits when creating an account 
  2. User Profile: The information obtained include but not limited to, full names of  users, age, date of birth, gender, email address, residential address, phone number,  username, password, professional related information, financial information such  as debit card number, bank account and so on, mental health and physiological  condition, medical history and other relevant health data that the User provides  during registration. 
  3. Demographic Data: Demographic information such as gender, age,  professional/employment status are also collected through survey responses. This  helps us ascertain the quality of our services, the rate at which our services are  used; such as larger subscription areas and also helps us improve our service. II. Data gathered during the use of our Application. 
  4. Application Usage Information: These types of information include, but not  limited to, date and time of usage, data involving the Application features, viewed  pages, services and site of third parties visited, browser used and other service 

activity. Cookies, tags, pixels and other similar tracking technologies may be used  to create unique identities for our Users. 

  1. Generated Content: Data is also collected when Users, interact with our  services, Application features and customer representatives. Information is also  collected through research, ratings and survey responses. Note that all survey responses are given voluntary and data collected will be utilized for reporting and  research purposes, which will help better our services to Users. This is best  achieved by learning more about the needs of the Users as well as the quality of  our services and programs. An anonymous User’s data may also be shared for  research and analysis purposes. Records of our communication with Users are  also documented. 

iii. Device Data: The data about mobile devices used to access our services are  important to us. Therefore, we may obtain information that directly deals with the  hardware models of the specific device, installed software, versions of the  devices, advertising identifiers, IP address and other data need to identify the  device, 

It should be noted that, we may collect additional data through: 

  1. Data available to the public;  
  2. User’s assessments, such as complaints, ratings or compliments; 

iii. Data received through marketing source; 

  1. Data from User received from our affiliates, business partners, through which User’s  access our services on the Application. Such as payment providers, other websites and  App that use our API or whose API we use; 
  2. Data provided by Users in connection with any legal claim, dispute, rights or proceedings  and; 
  3. Third party data. We encourage referrals, but where an individual is referred by a User to  us, the User is obligated to furnish us with the information of the referred individual and  the referred individual understands and agrees that we are permitted to receive and  process the data given. This applies to User’s account when used by third party. 

We may combine the data in our possession with data from other sources. HOW PERSONAL DATA IS USED 

We use personal data to provide specific information on our services and prospective programs  for the benefit of our Users and also for specific programs Users have enrolled for. Personal data  is also used to manage, provide and arrange sessions for Users as well as get payment for  services rendered. It is also used to manage data regarding Users’ attendance at events and  outreaches which are organized periodically. 

We may use personal data for administrative purposes, including but not limited to, measuring  interest in particular mental health areas, sending communications regarding our services and/or  programs, verifying identity, performing internal quality control, changes, modifications and/or

enforcement to our policies, terms and conditions and preventing potential illegal or prohibited  activities. 

Other general use of personal data includes, managing Users’ information, providing access to  certain areas and features on the Application, permitting Users participation and registration for  events and webinars and responding to requests, questions and comments. 

Personal data is also used for the following purposes: 

  1. We may use and share your impersonal data within the Company and/or with third parties  for research, public health, analytics and other legally permissible purposes; ii. To create unique and distinct identities for users through pixels, cookies, web beacons  and other identity technologies; 

iii. We reserve the right to deactivate or restrict users who have been identified and observed  with fraudulent or other similar activities that is likely to stain or negatively affect our  Company; 

  1. We may engage the services of other websites to advertise our services across the  internet. These websites may use cookies, web beacons, pixels or other technology to  identify and track visitors to our services and Application. 
  2. We may include third party links that are out of our control. It is strongly advised that  Users review the Privacy Policies of such third parties’ websites and Applications that  they are directed to before commencing or continuing to use their services. Users hereby  agree to exonerate Limited from any liability arising out of the use and/or  practices of third party websites and Applications. 
  3. We may share and use your personal information for the purpose of complying with  regulatory laws for the legitimate interest of the Company and responding to legal  investigation and/or court orders. 

vii. In addition, we may use Users’ personal data for other purposes disclosed to them with  their consent. 

It should be noted that, in protecting Users’ personal data, we do not exchange personal  information with third parties for their direct mail advertising, except in circumstance where such  user has given prior consent. 


Users are hereby informed that we may share their personally identifiable information with our  affiliates, contractors, agents or trusted business partners so as to further enhance the quality of  our services.  

We may share your personally identifiable data with third parties as required by law, to defend  and protect the rights of the Company, its Application and its Users under circumstances we  believe are reasonably necessary to protect the safety of the public or Users of our services. 

We may share User’s data for legal reasons or in connection with any legal proceedings.

We will share personal data with third parties only in ways that are described in this Policy.  Kindly note that we do not sell personal information of our Users to third parties. We may also  collect information from other sources and combine it with information we collect about you  under this Privacy Notice. 

In addition, we may share personal data for communication and marketing purposes, provided  that the prior consent of are Users have been obtained. Personal data may be viewed by the  general public when interacting with us by dropping information, complaints or reviews on our  Platform or social media handles. 


We will strive to ensure the security and safety of Users’ personal data so as to avoid breach on  the Platform. Nevertheless, it should be noted that there is no mode and method of transmission  or electronic storage over the internet that is absolutely secure. We cannot guarantee an absolute  

security; therefore, Users are responsible for keeping their user details and password  confidential. We will not ask our Users for their passwords, except when logging in to the  Application. 

We will report unlawful data breaches of our Application database or the database(s) of any of  our Data Processors to all relevant authorities as soon as practicable, once it comes to our  knowledge that Users’ personal identifiable data stored in our database has been stolen and/or  breached. 


We may store and retain all of the data Users provide on the Application as long as it is  necessary to resolve disputes, comply with our legal obligation and enforce our legal policies and  agreements. Data will be retained for the purpose of internal analysis. As a norm, data is retained  for a short period but for exceptional situations where we are legally obligated to retain the data  for a long period of time, data is used to improve functionality of our services and/or strengthen  the security. 

ALTERATIONS, MODIFICATIONS AND UPDATE Limited may at its sole discretion from time to time, change or modify this  Privacy Policy to accommodate regulatory requirements, industry practices, new technologies or  other modification it deems relevant and necessary. Any change or modification will be effective when the revised Policy is uploaded on our Platform. 

Notice of the altered, modified and/or updated Policy shall remain on our Platform for a period  of 7 days from the publication date, after which it shall be taken down. By the continued use of our Application and services, you understand and agree to be bound by the terms of the new  policy. 

Users would be given ample time to read through the altered, modified and/or updated Policy and contact us with queries or questions regarding the revised Privacy Policy.
To Delete your personal information from the app:

  1. Open the App and Navigate to the Profile Section.
  2. Scroll down and click on the Delete Account button.
  3. Select a reason to proceed.
  4. Your account & personal information will now be permanently deleted in 7 days. 


We understand that privacy is important in this digital world and we acknowledge the rights of our Users regarding their data. Therefore, Users have the right to the following: 

  1. The right to withdraw consent for the processing of their personal data; ii. Right to object to the processing of their data; 

iii. Right to delete and erase their data and 

  1. Right to transfer their personal data at their request. 


All concerns, questions and complaints arising from this Privacy Policy should be forwarded to  our customer representative at: 

Email address: 


Phone Number: +234 (0) 915 11 2240 .

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