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Sep 23 2022

Effects of Affirmation Items on Mental Health

An affirmation item: a bag that says, "paying attention to myself."

Why was it a good idea to get a “Best Friends for Life” t-shirt with your best friend? Why did you give your mom a “World’s Best Mum” coffee mug? Is it just me, or do you feel more confident when you wear your “Bold & Sassy” hoodie?

These questions have one reasoning behind them: affirmation items positively impact mental health.

In this piece, I’ll explain what affirmation items are, the role they play in mental health well-being, and their effects on mental health. Let’s go! 

What Are Affirmation Items?

Affirmation items are objects that carry affirmations. e.g., a My Money Grows Like Grass t-shirt, Obama’s Yes We Can t-shirt, your Valentine’s Day card from your boyfriend, an Happy Father’s Day mug, or your tote bag that says You rock! 

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are simple statements that help to banish negative thoughts, feelings of inadequacy, and perceived failure by focusing on your strengths and abilities. Affirmation is a self-care strategy that helps to renew the mindset and build confidence. 

We use affirmations all the time without even realizing it. This is because affirmations are also coping mechanisms that help us to stay afloat in difficult situations, like having a bad day, dealing with unpleasant people, or losing something important. 

 Here are some common affirmations: 

  • I’m okay. I’m just having a bad day.
  • Everything is going to be okay.
  • I can do this. I am capable.
  • I’m ready. 
  • Everything I touch prospers. 

A white cap that says, "energy!"

How Do Affirmation Items Boost Mental Health? 

Practising affirmations actively can impact your mental health positively in many ways, like:

  • reducing stress
  • boosting your confidence
  • motivating you to achieve your goals
  • reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • helping you stay focused on yourself and your goals
  • shifting your mindset and helping you feel better about yourself
  • helping you to change your negative thoughts patterns into positive ones 

One way to practise affirmation actively is to surround yourself with affirmation items — objects that affirm positive things. These items can be everyday things, like coffee mugs, jotters, water bottles, laptop stickers, clothes, and bracelets. 

An affirmation sticker that says, "I deserve better!"

Even if you can’t say anything, just seeing these items around will keep the words in your subconscious mind and help you to maintain a positive mindset. 

Plus, affirmation items are perfect gifts for any occasion! They can last for a long time, and even when you’re not there, such items will constantly be symbols of your love and support for your loved ones. 

Check out our store if you want to get any affirmation items for yourself or your loved ones! And if you have any mental health concerns or questions or need to speak with a qualified mental health professional, we’re just a click away


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