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Therapist chronicles

Therapist Spotlight

Jun 24 2024

Top Therapists & Counselors in Nigeria

therapists in nigeria

Finding the right mental health support can make all the difference. At, we offer access to the best therapists in Nigeria, each bringing unique expertise and a passion for helping individuals achieve mental well-being. Here are some of our top therapists available for booking:

1. Precious Nwanze

Precious Nwanze - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Relationship issues, trauma, mood disorders, educational counseling, psychopathologies.
Qualifications: B.Sc in Psychology, M.Sc in Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology, Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Experience: 5 years
About: Precious is a psychologist, certified relationship and marriage coach, and child psychologist with extensive experience in clinical settings and neuropsychiatric hospitals. Passionate about promoting mental health, she offers anxiety and depression screenings and therapy sessions.

2. Toluse Francis

Toluse Francis - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues.
Qualifications: B.Sc in Biochemistry, Diploma in Mental Health and Psychology.
Experience: 7 years
About: Toluse is a cognitive behavioral therapist and NLP practitioner who helps individuals with emotional intelligence and public speaking. His approach focuses on empowering clients to overcome anxiety and depression.

3. Abosede Akinpade

Specialties: Anxiety, trauma, grief, bipolar disorders, psychosis, depression, addiction.
Qualifications: B.Sc in Psychology, M.Sc in Clinical Psychology.
Experience: 7 years
About: Abosede is a clinical psychologist specializing in the assessment, treatment, and diagnosis of mental health disorders. She has recorded tremendous successes in this space.

4. Gbemisola Ogunrinde

Gbemisola Ogunrinde - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Trauma, relationships, children, adolescents, family therapy, grief, anxiety.
Qualifications: B.Sc in Psychology, MA in Family Psychology.
Experience: 8 years
About: Gbemisola is a psychotherapist committed to fostering wellness and wholeness in individuals. She is the founder of The Family Place and author of “Keeping It Together in a Crazy and Uncertain World.”

5. Rebecca Akinrotimi

Rebecca Akinrotimi - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias, gender-based violence survivors.
Qualifications: Diploma in Mental Health Nursing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Experience: 4 years
About: Rebecca is a mental health counselor and certified mental health nurse with a focus on helping individuals overcome anxiety, depression, and PTSD. She has a particular interest in supporting survivors of gender-based violence.

6. Sandra Anyahaebi

Sandra Anyahaebi - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Anxiety & mood disorders, depression, self-esteem & confidence in black teens & millennials.
Qualifications: B.Sc in Psychology.
Experience: 5 years
About: Sandra is a Lagos-based therapist with clinical experience in helping clients with mood and anxiety disorders, adjustment issues, and trauma-related concerns. She offers both in-person and remote therapy.

7. David Ndubisi

David Ndubuisi - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Depression, substance use, anxiety, PTSD, grief, addiction, personality disorders, couples therapy.
Qualifications: B.Sc in Psychology, M.Sc in Clinical Psychology.
Experience: 4 years
About: David is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in a variety of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and grief therapy.

8. Delight Oyindamola Babalola

Delight Babalola - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Speech therapy, depression, PTSD, ADHD.
Qualifications: B.Sc in Psychology.
Experience: 3 years
About: Delight is a psychologist and child psychologist with expertise in speech therapy and supporting children with ADHD. She is dedicated to helping children and adults overcome various mental health challenges.

9. Ejiro Ubierohwo

Specialties: Developmental disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, parenting skills, behavioral management.
Qualifications: Master of Child and Adolescent Mental Health.
Experience: 6 years
About: Ejiro is a conscientious mental health professional committed to promoting mental, physical, and emotional well-being in children and adolescents. She is dedicated to providing care and support to vulnerable populations.

10. Grace Oluloto

Specialties: Anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, coping skills, grief, loss.
Qualifications: Master of Arts in Professional Counseling (USA), Registered Practitioner.
Experience: 6 years
About: Grace offers empathetic and professional therapy sessions that provide a safe place to share your story and explore your full potential. She is passionate about self-actualization and helping clients become the best version of themselves.

11. Udemeobong Akpan

Specialties: Relationship issues, adolescent issues, body image therapy, career counseling, dementia support.
Qualifications: M.Ed. in Counseling (In View), M.Sc in Dementia Studies (In View), B.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling.
Experience: 3 years
About: Udemeobong is a therapist who uses wellness and CBT models to offer mental health support to children, adolescents, and young adults through both individual and group counseling, including e-therapy.

12. Tracy Ogbudike

Specialties: Anxiety, depression, phobia, trauma, addictions, stress, child development.
Qualifications: B.Sc in Psychology, M.Sc in Clinical Psychology.
Experience: 4 years
About: Tracy is a clinical psychologist with a history of helping clients through drug rehabilitation, stress management, trauma, crisis management, and self-esteem development. She provides a non-judgmental environment to work towards mental wellness.

13. Oluwaseun Gabriel

Specialties: Substance use disorder treatment, panic disorder, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief counseling.
Qualifications: M.Sc in Clinical Psychology.
Experience: 7 years
About: Oluwaseun is a licensed clinical psychologist and international addiction professional with extensive experience in psychological and mental health assessment, diagnosis, and intervention across various settings. He is well-versed in crisis intervention and treatment planning.

14. Oluwadamilola Olukitibi Alawode

Specialties: Behavior change/modification, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Qualifications: B.Sc in Psychology, PGD in Education, International Behavioral Analyst.
Experience: 9 years
About: Oluwadamilola is a behavior analyst with expertise in helping children with autism learn new and functional skills for independent living. She focuses on implementing behavior change using the principles of applied behavior analysis.

15. Miracle Ihuoma

Miracle Ihuoma - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Relationship/family life, depression, anxiety, trauma, negative thinking, coaching.
Qualifications: B.Sc in Psychology, Master’s in Clinical Psychology, CBT Certification.
Experience: 10 years
About: Miracle is a dynamic speaker, author, clinical psychologist, and life coach with a decade of experience. He has worked extensively with individuals, families, and organizations, providing therapy, coaching, and training.

16. Tobi Michaels

Tobi Michaels - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Relationship and life issues, work-related stress, anxiety, depression.
Qualifications: M.Sc in Clinical Psychology.
Experience: 4 years
About: Tobi is a clinical psychologist who helps clients gain clarity and eliminate undesirable symptoms through individualized treatment plans. She has experience working with a variety of mental health conditions.

17. Motolani Akintayo

Motolani Akintayo - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Relationship/marriage, depression, trauma, addiction, personality disorders, assessment.
Qualifications: M.Sc in Clinical Psychology (Distinction).
Experience: 3 years
About: Motolani is a highly sought-after clinical psychologist who has worked with leading professionals in the field. She is skilled in various psychotherapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy and insight-oriented therapy.

18. Ibironke Thomas

Dr Ibironke Thomas - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Anxiety, depression, mood disorders, psychoses, trauma, addiction, highly sensitive persons.
Qualifications: M.B;B.S, FWACP (Psych), FMCPsy, Cert. Leadership & Management in Health (LMIH).
Experience: 14 years
About: Ibironke is a client-centered professional with training and experience in providing pharmacological and psychological interventions for managing mental health challenges, including teleconsultation.

19. Dr. Sonia Ovuehor

Dr. Sonia Ovy - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Relationship/marital therapy, family counseling, career/business counseling, trauma.
Qualifications: Doctor of Science in Counseling Psychology, M.Sc in Conflict Resolution, Diploma in Psychotherapy.
Experience: 7 years
About: Dr. Sonia is a counselor with expertise in addressing various personal and professional issues. She provides spiritual counseling services and faith-based practices upon request.

20. Hembafan Doreen Ngutsav

Hembafan Doreen Ngutsav - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Relationship issues, trauma, addictions, depression, adolescent crisis, grief, anxiety.
Qualifications: P.hD in Clinical Psychology (in view), M.Sc in Clinical Psychology, B.Sc in Psychology.
Experience: 5 years
About: Hembafan is a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience in treating and managing emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. She also provides life coaching to guide individuals through self and purpose discovery.

21. Segun Matthew

Segun Matthew - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Mental health promotion and interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy.
Qualifications: MSc in Mental Health Counseling.
Experience: 16 years
About: Segun is a psychotherapist with extensive experience in both clinical settings and private practice. He offers professional and confidential counseling services aimed at enhancing holistic well-being through mental health promotion and intervention.

22. Vanessa Nnadi

Vanessa Nnadi - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Mental health and well-being, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, relationship/marriage.
Qualifications: MSc in Psychology of Mental Health and Well-being (in view), Diploma in Counseling, Global Mental Health.
Experience: 8 years
About: Vanessa, known as The Mind Whisperer, focuses on helping individuals break free from mental constraints and embrace resilience. Through her platform, The Safe Crib International, she provides a judgment-free space for mental health support.

23. Nkechi Emmanuel-Layode

Nkechi Emmanuel-Layode - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Relationship and marriage, self-esteem, grief, self-discovery, divorce counseling.
Qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Counseling, Diploma in Family Life Therapy and Family Systems Engineering.
Experience: 9+ years
About: Nkechi helps individuals and couples achieve clarity and peace in their relationships and marriages. She uses a customized approach to address personal and family life challenges.

24. Emmanuella Uduebholo

Specialties: Anxiety, depression, child & adolescent issues, abuse, general counseling, PTSD.
Qualifications: Diploma in Counseling.
Experience: 2+ years
About: Emmanuella, known as Your Talk Therapist, is passionate about helping people make healthy decisions and become their best selves. She supports young clients in overcoming mental health issues and achieving their goals.

25. Adeniyi Taiwo Adelusi

Adeniyi Taiwo Adelusi - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Drug addiction, depression, anxiety, psychosis, relationship and family problems, PTSD, OCD, phobias, ADHD.
Qualifications: B.Sc in Psychology, MSc in Clinical Psychology (In View), Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.
Experience: 8 years
About: Adeniyi is a clinical psychologist proficient in delivering therapeutic interventions using various psychological models. He specializes in treating addiction, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

26. Efe Efangwu

Efe Efangwu - Therapist in Nigeria

Specialties: Anxiety, stress, burnout, career coaching, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, self-care, work wellness.
Qualifications: MSc in Business Psychology, Diploma in Mental Health Counseling.
Experience: 5 years
About: Efe is a seasoned mental health counselor and career coach with extensive experience in human resources and career development. She is passionate about fostering mental health in professional settings.

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