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May 15 2022

How To Find The Right Therapist For You: 4 Sure Ways

Finding the right therapist is like looking at a shelf full of books with the option to pick just one. You need a book, but you don’t know which one will be worth reading because you’re not some magician.

Finding the right therapist is as important as going for therapy because of how delicate the process is. It’s possible to leave a therapy session worse off than before you started. To avoid that, you must do your due diligence to find the perfect therapist that suits your needs and will help you achieve your therapy goals.

Here are proven tips on how to find the right therapist for you:

Take referrals seriously

Therapy is a people-based service. So, a recommendation from someone who has employed a therapist’s services might be worth trying. This doesn’t mean they’d be ideal for you, but it confirms their credibility to an extent.

To make it easier, ask the referrer specific questions like how much the therapist’s services cost, their methods, the results of sessions they’ve had, and why they would vouch for them. Most importantly, think over their answers carefully before you make a decision.

Go through vetted databases

Identifying an expert might be difficult in a country like Nigeria, where database systems are unreliable (or inexistent). That makes it hard to verify the credibility of a therapist.

Platforms like, where only verified and capable therapists are brought onboard, make it easier to gain easy access to a therapist who suits your needs perfectly! Another advantage of such platforms is that you can give feedback on the therapist’s services. That keeps them accountable.

Pretty black girl teenager attending therapy session with handsome male psychologist. Paying attention to referrals is also how to find the right therapist.

Be objective about your preferences

Another essential tip on how to find the right therapist is to ask the right questions. Would you prefer a male or female therapist? Someone within a particular age group? What area of specialty would you want your therapist to assist with? Do you have a religious preference? These questions would narrow down your options and help you get a fitting professional.

Interview your therapist

This is all about YOU. It’s your right to ask your therapist to grant you a brief acquaintance session.

You can ask questions like: What area of mental health do you specialize in? Are you licensed? What is your payment plan? How many years of experience do you have in working with people with my type of issue?

Aside from these questions, testing the vibe and quality of your rapport is also necessary. Do you feel comfortable around them? Do you find them easy to talk to? Do they make you nervous? Is their energy strange? This session will help you decide whether they’re good for you or not.

Final Words

Note that it’s possible to go through these tips on how to find the right therapist meticulously but still end up with one who isn’t ideal for you. This might be because you don’t like their methods, they have poor time-management skills, or you don’t feel heard or understood — you just don’t “flow.”

It’s not your cue to throw in the towel and give up on therapy. Try to be open-minded enough to find another therapist. One bad fit is not equivalent to bad therapy. Plus, you can never go wrong with a reliable platform like!

Finally, understand that searching for the right therapist is as personal as it gets. It’s about the feelings of trust and connection you share with your therapist. So long as those are in place, ease into the process and let your mental health bloom.

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